Reverting CPAN installs

In On Perl 5.6 Matt presents what I see as a nice middle ground on maintaining compatibility with old code. No need for comment, except on this:

For toolchain level code I try a bit harder, because for toolchain level code you should always try a bit harder not to break a case that was already working, because it really sucks when you end up with a broken toolchain because now reinstalling the working versions is non-trivial - I usually have to yell “I HAVE NO TOOLS BECAUSE I’VE DESTROYED MY TOOLS WITH MY TOOLS” at the monitor and then go for a smoke first when that happens.

When I make CPAN installs in the local::lib style, I always use self-advert! git ll-cpanm

This installs CPAN (Perl5) libraries into a local::lib directory, using cpanm or cpan.

I know there are other tools for maintaining old versions of installed code. This one is mine, doesn’t depend on Perl itself and I like it despite its rough edges.

I could destroy my tools with my tools, but the old ones are just a git rhH ^ away… which is git reset --hard HEAD^ because I seem to write often enough to make a shortcut.