This repository holds my blog and related web pages.

Upstream Rebase Alert

Git history will be revised, rebased or otherwise force-pushed when I feel like it. If you’re branching for some reason, talk first.


You may freely copy certain “small” types of data

I would appreciate attribution via hyperlink, but I think such creations are too small to justify the attention of a big complicated thing like copyright law.

You may for the purposes of conversation quote chunks of my opinions or statements from this site, if you mark it up as such. Please let me know if you suspect I might want to reply.

Larger works and other repositories should have their own copyright statements on them. Wholesale copying is not permitted because I don’t want to feed the splog monster.

You will have other rights of copying that I haven’t bothered to outline here.

If it isn’t clear what I intended, please contact me before using the material.


Which I list here for my benefit, lest I forget

  1. This is my content,
    • I probably won’t bother with article comments
    • I would expect to link articles written in reply, as and when I discovered them
  2. Sometimes it’s better to publish half an article, than let it sit in limbo indefinitely
    • Add a “work in progress” mark so it’s clear, and I can find them
    • Then it’s OK to come back and fix it up later. It is different content
    • Maybe it’s also OK for the URL to change too
  3. Cool URIs don’t change
  4. Cool articles don’t change
    • …without giving a clear indication of the difference
    • unless it’s just a trivial typo
    • therefore any further thoughts should go in a followup article