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Fetched from the github-pages at 5528b10f plus markdown: redcarpet in _config.yml

Try Markdown

A non-comprehensive selection of
Markdown constructs, hardwrapped to 40
to make that obvious, such as bald to see how
they render with the current

Switch on all the options to see what happens

{:title="attr test heading" style="background: yellow"}

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Code blocks {#code}

simpe pre-format
text block
with no language
use strict;
use warnings;
sub main {
  print "Hello world\n";
  return 0;

exit main();

Once upon a time, in a little window on an LCD screen
lived some code. Well it wasn't really living there, it
doesn't get to live until it burrows down to the CPU to
stretch its legs1 and travel on the bus.

def tidle_fenced_post

{: .language-ruby}

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. (One)

: what the thing is

: what the thing isn't

Head Foot
Nose Toes
Tooth Nail

To boldly split infinitives and strikethrough other text.

*[CPU]: Chocolate Party Unit

Are "quotes" normal? Hope so. Can we underline words without _underlining_private_variables ? Should be OK when _they_are_code like this. Superscripts are 2nd nature, he contrived. Highlights are new to me. By the way, no newlines in this paragraph but just here
it does contain a <br> tag.

fn indented() {
# don't need these
# with fenced code blocks

  1. usually code gets longer by growing in the editor window,
    but it can also get longer when the compression comes unravelled.